Recycling of used laboratory equipment made of precious metals

We recycle used and damaged products made of precious metal alloys, such as: Platinum, Gold, Iridium, etc.

Damaged platinum evaporating dish
New dish after recycling process

At the end of the life cycle of the equipment used in the laboratory, the precious metals contained in it can be recovered and processed into new, high-quality products.

Innovative processes are used in all phases of recovery. The latest methods (ICP, XRF) guarantee precise and reliable analysis results. In refining processes, individual precious metals are recovered in pure form (as metals with a purity of 99.999%) and then combined again to form alloys in vacuum melters.

If you are interested in products made of precious metal alloys, we offer new products for sale. However, if you have used crucibles, molds, evaporating dishes, etc. made of precious metals, we offer the option of transferring these products as a partial settlement of new products.

Recycling is beneficials for you, but also protects the environment and minimizes the consumption of natural resources.

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